What is a Healing Circle?

‘If it touches the heart and guides us on our path, it’s a Healing Circle.”  Michael Lerner

A Healing Circle is a growing learning community bound together by a shared purpose and values. We recognize the healing power of deep community and the power of intention. Healing circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe accepting environment in which we are able to search for meaning in the challenges and joys of our personal and professional life. We access our inner guidance to understand the greatest healing – in body – emotions and spirit as we explore possibilities, remove obstacles to healing, optimizing our health and sense of well being.

Types of Healing Circles offered:

  • Healing Circle for those living with chronic illness
  • Healing Circles to enhance self-care for nurses and health professionals
  • Healing Circles for those living with grief and loss

Training: The Practice of Healing Circles

“We have the opportunity in circle…to heal our old stories and to make new stories that lead to different actions and create a different world.” Christina Baldwin

This 2 day program will help you develop and further enhance your skills in creating a safe, accepting environment where circle members can work together to remove obstacles to healing and optimize health and well being.

  • Offers: 13.0 Nursing Continuing Education Credits

What to expect:

  • Knowledge in agreements, practices roles and formats of Healing Circles.
  • Skills in speaking with intention, listening with compassion and curiosity, honoring individual choices, reflecting clearly, and asking open and honest questions.
  • Practice in inviting to circle, preparing, hosting a circle, being a guardian to a circle and navigating between learning and healing circles.

Who should attend? Nurses and or health professionals

To learn more about Healing Circles visit: Healing Circles Global or to request a Healing Circle Program or to learn more contact us.

Healing Circle Brochure
Healing Circle Brochure