Therapeutic Touch is based on the idea that human beings are energy in the form of a field. When a person is healthy, that energy freely flows and is balanced. However when disease occurs energy becomes imbalanced and disordered.  The human energy field extends beyond the level of the skin, and the Therapeutic Touch practitioner attunes him or herself to that energy using the hands as sensors.

During a Therapeutic Touch session the client can expect:

  • An individualized treatment that usually does not take more than 20 minutes.
  • To sit in a chair or lie down-whichever is more comfortable.
  • To receive the treatment fully cloth, there is no need to disrobe.
  • The practitioner to pass his or her hands over the body from head to toe, front and back, holding them between 2-6 inches from the skin. This is done to assess the condition of the human energy field. There may be rhythmical, sweeping motions with the hands, the practitioner uses to smooth out wrinkles in the client’s energy field. The practitioner may or may not touch the client physically.
  • An individual response to Therapeutic Touch.  The type of response depends on the length of illness, how much symptoms interfere with lifestyle and the individuals’ general health.
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Fee:  $50.00/20 minute session

Group rates available upon request.


Therapeutic Touch Practitioner