This dynamic experience fosters a relationship and true partnership between the client and Nurse. The Nurse Coach views the client as the expert in his or her personal care.  Clients feel supported and listened to as the nurse uses her knowledge and coaching skills to help the client enter into the discovery process leading them to their desired goals, life balance/satisfaction, change, and much more.

The coaching sessions are designed to assist individuals who understand that they hold the key to personal health and well-being. Coaching works best when an individual is ready to make lasting positive changes. During the sessions, the Nurse Coach will partner with the client as he or she explores new ideas, behaviors and actions that may involve risk-taking. Clients are encourage to be open and honest so that they can tap into their inner wisdom and become more aware of the choices they make. Obstacles that influence desired goals and responses to challenges will also be addressed during the session. Integrative therapies such as Imagery, Meditation and Therapeutic Touch may be incorporated into the coaching session as the need arises.

During the personal coaching sessions, clients can expect the Nurse Coach to:

  • Listen with full presence to the client’s story in a safe, supportive environment.
    (in person, office, or video chat) to increase trust and self-exploration of health and wellness goals.
  • Respect the client as the authority for her/his own health and well-being.
  • Support the client’s inner wisdom, intuition, and innate ability for what is best.
  • Involve the client in formulating SMART goals
    (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-lined) towards discovery, insight, creativity, and commitment to action.
  • Obtain the client’s consent to coach in sensitive areas and maintain confidentiality.
  • With permission, offer advice and health education for specific health conditions
    • (acute/chronic), nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other areas.
  • Recommend other healthcare professionals when issues are outside of a nurses’ scope of practice and experience.

A minimum of four sessions are encourage.

  • Video Chat: $60/hour
  • Office-in person: $75.00/hour
  • In your home or office setting: price varies depending on location


Personal One on One Coaching