Group coaching is an extension of the coaching process and continues to increase in popularity.  The Nurse Coach leads the group offering an opportunity to bring participants into the coaching conversations within a small group context. This intimate conversation space, focuses on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action and accountability. Groups are usually comprised of not more than 15 individuals. Most groups are smaller especially in a virtual environment.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

Participants are better able to identify personal strengths which lead to enhanced resilience which ultimately in enhancing in health and sense of well-being.

Group coaching can be utilized in a number of ways, to promote work-life balance, health and sense of well-being, provide bereavement support, caregiver support just to name a few.
Participants also benefit by learning from the “collective wisdom” of the group. The peer support is often as important as the interaction with the Nurse Coach. Many clients find that group process gives them more time to reflect and integrate insights.

Group Coaching allows Nurse Coaches to utilize their time and resources by enabling them to work with more clients over less time, potentially at a lower price point per person.

Organizations may find benefit from group coaching due to the scalable nature of the process. Group coaching is often utilized to enhance communication between silos or group members in different parts of the organization.

Fee: Dependent upon location, duration, type of group and number of participants.


Group Coaching