Human beings have the potential to create a life that is filled with vitality and a sense of wellbeing not matter the circumstance.  The power to change our predicament lives within each of us, we need only to find ways to access our inner wisdom. Throughout my Nurse Coaching Journey, I have learned to do just that.  I have reversed my chronic illness and reduced my stress responses, left a toxic work environment behind and found new meaning in my life and in my beloved Nursing profession.

As a professional nurse, wife, mother and grandmother I understand the challenges of balancing work-life and personal stress.  Professional and personal commitments and working within organizational healthcare creates a great deal of stress and suffering for nurses. Many nurses are leaving the profession because they are unable to practice the art and science of nursing as we were taught is should be.

As one of my dear friend’s and nurse colleague recently shared “Healthcare has played a catastrophic role in removing nurses further away from the bedside and has pushed us into a technological waste pit of meaningless documentation based on review cycles and mechanical cookie cutter outcomes” Enormous burden has been placed on nurses with the demand of higher education, higher tuition while still working and caring for a family.”  The arena of healthcare has depolarized our relationship among our fellow nurses, other healthcare professionals and our patients. It is no wonder that nurses feel unaccomplished, under educated, undervalued and overworked for the sole purpose of meeting the expectations of the business of healthcare.

Many nurses who attend our Nurse Coach educational programs have expressed “feeling disconnected and fraudulent” as they try desperately to integrate the art and science of nursing into daily routines.  I believe we have been caught in the perfect storm, unaware that we have disconnected from ourselves.  If we are to thrive and practice nursing the way it was meant to be, we must find ways to reconnect to our passion by healing from within. Nurse Coaching has helped me to realize my new way of being which has sustained me for the past 4 years.  

There is hope and there is a better way!  But you have to be ready.  You decide!  I have come to know that chaos and confusion will always exist in healthcare and in life for that matter, the question is how will we/you stand in your truth? We must find a way to seek refuge in the eye of the storm.

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