An Integrative Nurse Coach is a professional registered nurse who views clients/patients as integrated whole beings, and honors each person’s distinctive history, culture, beliefs and story.

An Integrative Nurse Coach approaches health and well being in a unique way. As Nurse Coaches we partner with individuals as they explore ways to make meaningful choices, establish goals and strategies for healthier lifestyle behaviors.

Therapeutic presence is at the core of all interactions between coach and client.  Our expertise and experience as registered nurses and our advanced education and training as coaches affords us the opportunity to fully enter into a nurturing shared experience with another human being.

As Coaches we do not fix or tell clients what is required to achieve desired goals, rather we guide clients in self-exploration by asking important questions the client invites through his or her shared story. This process enables the client to build on strengths, identify barriers and recognize new possibilities.  

The partnership between the Nurse Coach and client fosters a sense of empowerment, well being and support no matter the situation.

Integrative Nurse Coaches’ are specially trained to focus on lifestyle factors that impact chronic illness and conditions. Nurse Coaches offer new knowledge and strategies to support healthier lifestyles through behavioral change by focusing on the whole person, addressing body, mind and spirit, culture, nutritional and environmental aspect that impact and individuals health and wellbeing. Years of nursing knowledge, experience and familiarity with chronic illness and the healthcare environment, positions us to become excellent coaches and patient advocates.

  • Registered nurses with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree are eligible to participate in the Integrative Nurse Coach Program though the International Nurse Coach Association. The program provides curriculum and supervision that prepares nurses to meet the requirements to take the American Holistic Nurse Coach Certification examination and gain the title Nurse Coach-Board Certified (NC-BC).
  • Nurse Coaches have access to a number of support networks that assist them in personal and professional transformation as well as, provide referral and resources to meet the unique needs of clients and diverse patient populations.

Integrative Nurse Coaches work with anyone who wishes to make a lifestyle/behavioral change.

  • Nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Lay people
  • Community groups
  • Corporations and small businesses
  • Hospitals and healthcare organizations

Insurance and Medicare do not cover Health and Wellness Coaching.  This is a Fee Service model.